Utility Billing and Solar System

How does solar billing work?
Customers who install a solar electric system may be enrolled in monthly or annual billing.
  • Monthly billing is available to all customers with a solar electric system. Customers receive a monthly utility bill for net energy consumption that is due and payable each month, just like you received prior to the solar system installation.
  • Annual billing is available for residential customers and small businesses with a maximum yearly demand of 10kW or less. Customers receive a monthly utility bill showing the charges for all services, but they are eligible to delay payment of energy charges (kWh) to once every 12 months. All other charges, including the monthly electric basic service charge, and water, garbage and sewer, are due and payable every month. City of Roseville encourages customers to carefully read their bills and remain current to avoid a potentially large payment due at the end of 12 months. In fact, solar electric customers can continue to pay for energy charges monthly. Every month solar electric customers will see the “Current Charges” and the “Amount Due” on their monthly utility bill statement. We encourage customers to pay the larger of the two to avoid a large amount due on the annual true-up bill. If you prefer to be billed monthly for your net energy consumed please contact the Utility Billing office at 916-774-5300.
  • The monthly utility statement will only show the net energy use, it will not show the amount produced by the PV system. This information you must obtain from your inverter or monitoring device.
I have solar but my electric bill still seems high - why is that?
Consider your system size; was it designed to offset a portion of your usage or 100% of your usage? Make sure the solar system is working by checking the inverter or having your solar contractor inspect the system.

You may review your historical energy use to verify the installed system has reduced your energy use by approximately the amount the PV system was designed to produce. If it is not, have your solar contractor inspect the system.

Solar is always most effective on a home or in a business where the building is energy efficient and the residents practice energy efficient behaviors. Behavior is often the key. Some solar customers naturally take on other energy conservation measures once their system is installed; others tend to use more because they view it as “free” energy. See our “Lower my Bill” page www.roseville.ca.us/lowermybill for hints and information.
What is a net meter?
Net meters look very much like other electric meters with one notable exception – they are certified for accuracy when spinning both forwards and backwards recording both the power used from the utility and the surplus generation delivered back to the utility. A net meter is required to provide you with net metering which is a billing method that gives you credit for the excess electricity your solar electric system produces.
What is a net metering rate?
A Net Metering rate is a billing method for customers with solar, wind or solar/wind hybrid system that is connected behind the electric meter to offset electric energy. The net meter rate gives a credit for the excess electricity the solar electric system produces. For additional information, visit section 14.24.051 of the City of Roseville municipal code, http://qcode.us/codes/roseville/
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