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Can I get a Small Business loan?
The City of Roseville does not provide Small Business Loans.  Small Business Loans are provided through banks that specialize in such loans.  A list of participating banks can be found at the Small Business Administration website at
How can I find out how much it will cost to construct a new commercial (or industrial) building in Roseville?
You can find detailed information about fees in the Commercial/Industrial Fee Booklet.  This booklet explains what fees apply to projects and how to calculate them based on your specific project.  If you still have questions after reviewing the booklet, you can request a fee estimate specifically for your project at NO CHARGE, simply by filling out a request form.
I am an employer looking for qualified employees
Roseville has an excellent labor force.  If traditional methods for finding qualified employees have not worked (newspaper and trade publication ads), there are other resources available.

Program: Employer Services
Contact: The Placer County Office of Economic Development, Roseville One-Stop Career Center  ( 916.774.4057
Description:  Placer County Office of Economic Development provides a variety of Employer Services including posting job openings on the CalJobs website, hosting Job Fairs and providing assistance with interviewing potential employees.   Placer County also offers training cost reimbursements, employment tax credit information, a resource library and many other services.

Program: On-line Job Board for Technology Jobs
Contact: Sacramento Area Regional Technology Alliance (SARTA) ( 916.447.7399
Description: On-line posting of technology related jobs in the Sacramento region.

What business incentives does the city offer?
The City offers a wide variety of business incentives, and each has different qualifications.

Program: Development Fee Deferral
Department to Contact: Office of Economic Development   916.774.5362
Description: Defers payment of development fees.  There are various programs available that can defer fees short-term (occupancy permit) or long-term (up to 30 years).

Program: Development Fee Estimates
Department to Contact: Office of Economic Development   916.774.5362
Description: Provides an estimate of development fees that will be charged for new construction.

Program: Pre-application Assistance
Department to Contact: Planning Department  916.774.5276 or Community Development Department    916.774.5334
Description: Provides general information on applicable codes, standards and City requirements for new construction projects.

Program: Electric Rebate Programs
Department to Contact: Electric 916.797.6937
Description: Rebate programs for commercial projects that improve energy efficiency or exceed state requirements and energy audits.

Program: Water Audit
Department to Contact: Environmental Utilities   916.774.5761
Description: Reviews water usage and recommends ways to decrease water use.


Where can I go for General Business Assistance?
The City of Roseville Office of Economic Development looks forward to assisting you and your business.  The Office of Economic Development provides programs and services for retaining existing businesses, recruiting businesses to Roseville and encouraging the start of new businesses.  We also partner with other organizations such as the Sierra College Small Business Development Center (SBDC), the Sacramento Area Regional Technology Alliance (SARTA) and the Placer County Office of Economic Development to provide additional services.  Please contact the Office of Economic Development at 774.5362
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