Roseville's Vision

Our Mission

Create and maintain a vibrant community environment and enhance the quality of life for our residents, businesses, customers and partners.

We accomplish this by providing exceptional facilities, programs and services that our citizens desire in a fiscally
responsible manner.

Our Vision

The City of Roseville is an exceptional organization committed to fostering a dynamic, caring and inclusive community that is simply a great place to be!

Fiscal health
Roseville’s economy balances commercial, retail, and residential development and provides a mix of business and employment opportunities. City government supports economic health and anticipates change, delivering services that meet or exceed community standards. The city controls and sustains its budget by maintaining a responsible level of fiscal reserves and ensuring efficient fiscal management.

A well-planned community
Roseville community members actively participate in developing well-conceived and well-integrated plans to ensure decision-making and resource allocation reflects community values. Citizens, the business community, neighborhood organizations and local and regional agencies work together to ensure a high quality of life and well-planned growth. Roseville has a distinctive identity that reflects its unique history and projects a positive image in the region and beyond.

A strong community identity
We have an appropriate balance of land uses including housing, employment sites, shopping areas, and parks and open space. A vibrant downtown draws local residents and visitors to shop and stroll. Roseville projects a positive image in the region and beyond. Residents display a well-deserved pride in their community.

Complete and well-managed infrastructure
Our roads, streetscapes, utilities, and facilities are well maintained. The City effectively plans infrastructure improvements that anticipate future needs.

Outstanding recreational opportunities
Roseville is well known for setting and exceeding national standards for parks and recreational programs. We offer a wide range of recreational and cultural opportunities, as well as ample open space for outdoor parks, recreation and interactions with nature. We embrace the challenge of delivering facilities and programs that are widely accessible, cost-effective, and state of the art.

A healthy and safe community
Public safety is the foundation for our quality of life. All residents and visitors feel safe and secure in our community. Our fire and police services are committed to preventing problems before they occur and to protecting those in need during emergencies. We provide services to care for people during good times and in times of crisis. The entire community contributes to making Roseville a safe and healthy place to live, by maintaining the highest possible standards.

An information rich environment
Our community-based data network and libraries are information and resource centers, offering training and technical assistance to help residents prepare for future technological innovations. Roseville is a technologically literate community and residents use technology to conduct business and to learn about, and participate in, community affairs.

The highest quality community services and organizations
Roseville is a finely woven fabric of community service organizations, employing innovative service delivery concepts. In partnership with other responsible agencies, we care for members of our community. Our partnership-based approach helps us maintain high quality services that are cost effective and efficient.

An active and involved citizenry
Roseville citizens feel they can influence and shape their local government. Our citizens are informed about community issues and have high voter participation rates. Citizen voices are heard! Citizens take action! In turn, Roseville public employees and elected officials safeguard the trust placed in them by the citizens.

A learning organization, a learning community
Our city government is among the most effective and most highly motivated organizations in government. We place a strong emphasis on professional training and development, and take a proactive approach to problem solving. City employees are always rethinking and reinventing – they are a workforce that functions well in an environment of uncertainty and change. City organizational structures are clear, understandable, and flexible; responding to changing citizen needs, interest, and demands.

Environmental quality
We help sustain the environment by conserving our natural resources for future generations, including preserving open space and protecting air and water quality. Community members use prudent and cost-effective practices in recycling, energy conservation, and pest management.

Our Values

Innovation and creativity
We encourage employees to take initiative and calculated risks
We anticipate and adapt to change
We seek and research the other right answers.

Responsiveness to customers
We strive to empathize and understand
We recognize and respond to customer needs and expectations
We are flexible and adaptive
We are fair, trustworthy, and respectful
We keep our commitments
We not only meet customer expectations, we exceed them

Fiscal Responsibilities
We spend less than we earn
We are cost efficient and cost effective
We strive for quality and good value
We share financial information willingly and openly
We encourage investment and reinvestment in community assets
We require development to contribute its fair share
We encourage well-thought-out entrepreneurial ventures
We use debt strategically and conservatively

Human development
We provide, facilitate, and support continuous learning opportunities
We recognize the importance of balancing intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual development
We expect personal accountability and responsibility

We develop productive partnerships and teamwork
We respect individuality and differences of opinions
We optimize individual strengths and talents
We share ideas and goals
We encourage regional cooperation