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Fun Facts
The Douglas/I-80 Interchange Improvement Project
Contact :William Boyer, Publlic Information Officer    (916) 774-5201
This project cost $35 million.  With that much money, we could purchase:  

  • 10 million lattes from Starbucks, or,
  • 1,458 new Toyota Prius Hybrids (at $24K each), or
  • 14 million gallons of gasoline, (at $2.50 per gallon) or,
  • 625,000 tickets to Disneyland (at $56 per) or
  • A lot of new talent for the Sacramento Kings 


Approximately 200,000 cubic yards of dirt were moved to construct this project, including 60,000 cubic yards of dirt for Roseville’s first vehicle tunnel on-ramp.  That 200,000 cubic yards equals 1.4 million wheelbarrows of dirt, or about 13 wheelbarrows for each of Roseville’s (approximate) 105,000 residents. 

Up to 20,500 tons of asphalt were used to surface new and existing travel lanes for the project and about 18,000 cubic yards of concrete were poured. 

The Harry Crabb Tunnel is 800 feet long and the tunnel floor reaches a depth of about 40 feet below grade where Douglas Boulevard crosses overhead.  The tunnel has a vehicle clearance height of about 16 feet.

When is a tunnel a tunnel?  Engineers say a tunnel is a tunnel and not an underpass when mechanical ventilation is required to remove engine exhaust and when it requires other special safety features such as fire detection sensors and carbon monoxide monitors. 

Bridges and tunnels are not only made of concrete, they contain steel rebar too.  This project boasts more than 2.3 million pounds of rebar.  If you placed all of that rebar end-to-end, it would stretch 425 miles from Roseville to Long Beach, California.