Stage 1 of Woodcreek Oaks Boulevard Widening Project nearing completion

Updated October 31, 2017
Stage 1 of Woodcreek Oaks Boulevard widening construction is nearing completion. This phase includes all paving, planting and traffic signal work south of Horncastle Avenue.  

Construction will be suspended during the winter, and Stage 2 will begin in spring 2018. Permit requirements for construction of the bridge over Pleasant Grove Creek limit work to specific months of the year. 

Stage 2 improvements include the bridge, traffic signal work at Horncastle Avenue, and median construction and planting from Horncastle to Crimson Ridge Way.

The final stage of the project includes full roadway resurfacing from Canevari to Crimson Ridge. This resurfacing will result in a "finished" look for Woodcreek Oaks Boulevard.

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