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New City Website

Get familiar with the new improvements, features and functions on the new City website. Each item is highlighted in the graphic to the right to the corresponding improvement. You can also download the new improvements, features and functions as a printable document (link).

  1. Integrated News, Video & Photos Featured Content
    -- Videos, photos and information about the latest in Roseville.
  2. New Action-Based Top-Navigation
    -- Action-based menu choices (Apply, Find, Report, etc.).
    -- Easily find services and information with fewer clicks.
    -- Audience-based menus (Residents, Business, Visiting and Department) still exist.
    -- Navigation menu is streamline in a wider user-friendly format.
  3. New Text Size Selector
    -- User-friendly ability to increase or decrease the font size for improved usability and readability.
  4. Expanded Language Translation
    -- Integrated language translation.
    -- Expanded set of languages.
  5. New Mobile Website
    -- Mobile version of website, specifically formatted for mobile devices.
    -- New mobile-friendly navigation.
  6. Integrated Social Media & Contact Information
    -- Easy to find contact information.
    -- Integrated social media links per functional area.
  7. Updated Calendar of Events
    -- Expanded featured events.
    -- Reformatted mobile-friendly calendar layout.
    -- Improved events search.
  8. New Ads/Widget Management System
    -- Dynamic City advertisements (not for public paid ads).
    -- Expanded integration of external content and applications into our Virtual City Hall environment.
  9. Popular Links on Every Page
    -- Quickly find the most popular services, pages, files, etc.


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