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Commercial Parking Permit Program
200 block of Vernon Street, effective January 1, 2006

Parking Permits

The City, at the request of the Downtown Merchants Association, reviewed and amended the commercial parking permit program in 2005. As a result, there will be 41 additional two-hour permit exempt parking spaces available to the vendors on the 200 block of Vernon Street. The total quantity of two-hour permit exempt spaces will reach 76 as of January 1, 2006. Permits are available from the Roseville Police Department for an annual fee of $20.00 ($10.00 if purchased after July 1). This program is in full effect, and the old permits are no longer valid, as of January 1, 2006.

Permit Parking Application and Fact Sheet
Municipal Code - applicable ordinances Title 11 VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC, Sections 11.20.520-540

Economic Development
The City’s Office of Economic Development provides demographic and site selection information, business resources, and incentives for Roseville businesses. Staff is available to provide tailored packages for your business inquiry, to facilitate your business location or expansion needs, and for referrals to a wide array of resources.

Small Business Workshops
The City of Roseville Office of Economic Development's Business Retention Program will be offering a new workshop series aimed towards assisting the Roseville business community.


Statewide Community Infrastructure Program (SCIP) is a program sponsored by California Statewide Community Development Agency (CSCDA) designed to allow developers an alternative to finance development impact fees. Development impact fees are required at the time a building permit is issued and used for making infrastructure improvements. SCIP can fund fee programs for most infrastructure improvements, such as street, sewers, water, park and drainage facilities. SCIP is available to all property owners, including developers, located in the City of Roseville.

Infill Project Review Team
The purpose of the Project Review team is to offer, to those interested in infill development, a group of experienced staff familiar with the challenges associated with the process. They will provide consistent, timely, reliable, and customer friendly support in order to further encourage reinvestment in these areas.

If you are considering a project in Downtown Roseville please take advantage of a Pre-Application Field Meeting with the Infill Development Review Team contact Bill Aiken at 916-774-5271 for more details.

Infill Project Review Application

Infill development projects are often burdened by a number of obstacles. These may include an antiquated infrastructure (water, sewer, electric, etc.), any number of building and/or code requirements, and the costs associated with addressing each. In response to these issues the City of Roseville has created both an Infill Development Strategy team and a Project Review team. A “kick-off” meeting with local merchants, property owners, and developers assisted in defining the approach of these teams. The following mission statement defines the team goal:

"To create a predictable, cost effective, customer supportive process that promotes quality infill reinvestment."

In addition, the Strategy team will evaluate existing processes, codes, and standards in order to remove barriers and streamline infill development activities. They will also continuously review and improve the process.

Infill development is clearly a key component of the revitalization of the downtown area. Therefore, the City will continue to strive to improve the process by developing resources such as the Infill Development Strategy and Project Review teams.

Chamber of Commerce Revitalization Committee Plaque Recognition Program

Plaque Recognition ProgramThe Roseville Chamber of Commerce, through their Revitalization Committee, recognizes property owners in Downtown Roseville that have made significant improvements to their buildings. A plaque is placed on the outside of the property to commemorate the contribution of the property owner to the Downtown revitalization process. Each plaque will typically list the history associated with the property and acknowledge the owner responsible for the improvements to the location. To date, 25 properties, and their respective owners, have been selected.

Plaque Recognition Recipients and Locations


Commercial Parking Permit Program

Economic Development


Infill Project Review Team

Plaque Recognition Program