Redevelopment Agency

As of February 1, 2012, the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Roseville was dissolved by the State of California.

The ongoing responsibilities and obligations are now being handled by the Successor Agency which was designated to be the City of Roseville. The Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedules (EOPS) and the Recognized Obligation Payment Schedules (ROPS) are now located on the Successor Agency webpages.

 Successor Agency Webpage


Annual Budget Reports
FY2011-12 Redevelopment Agency Annual Budget
FY2010-11 Redevelopment Agency Annual Budget
FY2009-10 Redevelopment Agency Annual Budget

Audited Financial Statements
FY2010-11 Redevelopment Agency Financial Statements
FY2009-10 Redevelopment Agency Financial Statements
FY2008-09 Redevelopment Agency Financial Statements

Annual Reports of Financial Transactions
FY2010-11 Redevelopment Agency Annual Report
FY2010-11 Redevelopment Agency Annual Report to Board (12/31/2011)
FY2009-10 Redevelopment Agency Annual Report
FY2008-09 Redevelopment Agency Annual Report

Plan Area Formation Documents
Report to the City of Roseville City Council - 1989 Redevelopment Plan Report

Five Year Implementation Plan
RDA 5-Year Implementation Plan - FY2009-10 through FY2013

Annual Bond Disclosure Reports
FY2009-10 RDA Bond Disclosure Report
FY2008-09 RDA Bond Disclosure Report

Former Redevelopment Agency
Staff Contact Information

Melissa Hagan
Financial Analyst
(916) 774-5476