Legislative Advocacy

From the City Manager's budget message:

Increasing costs from regulation and new legislation affect the fiscal health of the City and reduce the level of funds available for other community priorities. In just a few years, the City’s visibility and influence within the region and on the state and federal level have increased, opening the door to greater engagement and dialogue with federal and State decision-makers on issues affecting the City’s fiscal health.  One of the highest priority efforts in FY2015-16 will continue to be the reliability of Roseville’s water supply. To ensure Roseville’s water reliability, the focus remains on regulatory change and water infrastructure investment.

The City Council has set a legislative platform that focuses on preserving local control, providing financial flexibility, preventing unfunded mandates, and protecting the General Fund, Enterprise Fund and local sales tax and property tax revenues.  Key issues in FY2015-16 include ensuring the tax-exempt status of municipal bonds remains in effect, monitoring the requirements pertaining to new state storm water discharge permit requirements, and ensuring permitting processes at the state and federal level will not unnecessarily hinder the ability of development projects to gain approval.  

To increase effectiveness of the City’s efforts in these areas and others, the City works extensively with regional coalitions, forums, alliances, and established organizations such as Sacramento Area Council of Governments, the SacMetro Chamber of Commerce, the California Municipal Utilities Association and the Water Forum, along with ad hoc groups developed to address concerns with specific legislation.  The City Council’s only standing committee, the Law & Regulation Committee, offers another way people can be informed about issues affecting the Roseville community from a state and federal level.