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Sound and Stable Utilities

Having well-run, reliable, low-cost, city-owned utilities has proven an economic advantage throughout Roseville’s development.  With all of the key infrastructure decisions being under the control of a single entity, the development process is more streamlined and reliable, making the protection of these assets a high priority. In FY2013-14, our concern will continue to focus on state and federal legislation and regulations that will add costs to the delivery of our utility services.

The electric, water, wastewater and solid waste utilities have seen successes with their conservation and recycling efforts and have seen decreased demand in some areas due to the weak economy.  That is accompanied by increases in expenses directly tied to state regulations, including new electric regulations requiring a diverse portfolio of renewable energy sources, new definitions of what constitutes a renewable energy source, new requirements for stormwater permits, and potential additional expenses related to legislation involving organic waste, among other issues. As those costs continue to put pressure on the utilities and its customers, the City is working its legislative and regulatory avenues for clarification and relief. The City is a member of several legislative advocacy groups on the regional, state and federal level that combine the strength of their unified voice to advocate for utility customers.


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