Development Activities Reports
– The Planning Department publishes weekly, monthly and quarterly reports detailing development activities within the City including applications submitted, applications approved and projects under construction.

Zoning Information - The Zoning Ordinance, part of the City’s Municipal Code, implements the City's General Plan and Specific Plans, and establishes regulations governing the use, placement, spacing and size of land and buildings. The Zoning Ordinance also describes various permits available through the Planning Department, when they are needed, and the process for obtaining permits. The Sign Ordinance is also within the Municipal Code and regulates all signage within City limits.

Home Based Business – Information about the requirements for conducting a home-based business, including the necessary forms, is available at the Planning Department or their website.

Property Information Tool - Property related information, including zoning and land use information, may be obtained from the interactive Property Information Tool on the City’s website.

Revitalization Single Point of Contact – The division has two staff that can serve as a single point of contact for the all issues related to the city to assist businesses.