New Businesses

Business Licenses
If you are opening a business within the City of Roseville or are a contractor who is doing work in Roseville, you can obtain a business license in a few easy steps.  For more information on obtaining a business license, please see the business license page.

Home Based Businesses
Considering starting a business from your home?  A Home Occupation is an accessory, non-residential business activity carried on within a dwelling by its inhabitants, incidental to the residential use of the dwelling, that does not change the character of the surrounding residential area by generating more traffic, noise or storage of material than would normally be expected in a residential zone.  A Home Occupation must comply with the standards identified in Zoning Ordinance Chapter 19.42 to be permitted in residential zones.  Visit Home Occupations for more information. 

Temporary Signs
Would you like to use a banner sign or window sign to promote your business? In most cases, no permit or fee is required if the sign meets the temporary sign criteria. For a quick overview of these guidelines, review the temporary sign brochure. For additional questions about temporary signage, please contact the Planning Division at (916) 774-5276.