Sierra Vista Substation

Westplan Substation will not be able to cope with the total load increase arising from the Sierra Vista and Creekview Specific Plans.  In addition, the 12-kV circuit ties are not adequate to cover these new plan areas.  The installation of a new substation is needed to serve the new load of the specific plans.  This will be a single-transformer substation with the transformer nameplate capacity of 46 MVA.  The 12-kV switchgear will be a fourteen-feeder line up with one auxiliary breaker.  Provisions will be made for a second 46-MVA transformer, if needed in future.

The existing Roseville Energy Park to Fiddyment 60-kV circuit will be cut in and out of this new substation. The 60-kV network and protection equipment will be included in this project to coordinate with the Roseville Energy Park and Fiddyment Substation.  There will be a total of three 60-kV breakers in this substation.