Business Solar Energy Program

SOLAR INCENTIVE LEVELS ARE DROPPING IN JANUARY 2015 - see end of page for additional information.

All customers desiring to install PV at their Roseville location must apply for interconnection and comply to the Business Solar Energy Program requirementsprior to operating the PV system. Once you receive a Business Solar Energy Program FORM F - Approval To Interconnect form from Roseville Electric the system may be turned on to produce energy. 

Business customer-generators may install a 1kW to 1mW AC watt photovoltaic (PV) solar system designed to offset up to 100% of the customer-generators last 12 months of metered energy load, each meter is evaluated individually and may not be aggregated.  Under no circumstances may the PV system electric production exceed 100% of the customer-generators historical metered load.

Businesses interested in building a PV system to sell energy to Roseville Electric, and not wanting to offset the electric load, should contact the Roseville Electric Power Generation Group at 916-79-POWER.


The Program Handbook, Customer Check list, Project Flow Process Diagram, Construction Standards and informational links provided are designed to guide you through this process and identifies what needs to be complete prior to and after the construction process.

The applicant is required to pay meter upgrade charge for the required net meter. The meter upgrade charge is subject to change

All business customer-generator PV projects must apply under this program and receive a FORM F - Approval to Interconnect prior to operating the PV system.


In addition to meeting the Solar Energy Program Requirements, business applicants must apply for a building permit and receive final permit approval prior to being awarded a Solar Energy Program FORM F - Approval to Interconnect form. Contact the Permit Department for more information. Building Department fees and applicable meter upgrade charges will be collected by the building department as part of the permit process.


Roseville Electric's Business Solar Energy Program aligns with California’s Million Solar Roof Initiative (Senate Bill 1), where rebate levels are reduced over time. SB1 also requires business customer-generators requesting rebates to learn about energy efficiency, conduct energy audits, and benchmarking with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager prior to receiving rebates.

Roseville Electric allows business customer-generators to apply for:

  1. Interconnection only, no rebate requested
    Customer-generators with a PV project that does not request rebates follow a simplified process for interconnection. The system size may not exceed 100% of the customer-generators metered load. 
  2. Interconnection with a PV rebate
    Business customer-generators who own, lease or enter into PPA agreements to obtain their solar system may request rebates for a system up to 100kW CEC-AC watt in size.    

    On systems over 10kW CEC-AC watts, the customer-generator is responsible for providing required production metering infrastructure for PBI incentives, including applicable phone lines, for rebates. It is highly recommended the Roseville Electric construction standards and Handbook be thoroughly reviewed to learn Roseville Electrics requirements and to understand the cost implications with PBI systems.   

    For systems greater than 100kW, customer-generator must submit an application for the 100kW system with required metering equipment and phone line; then submit a 2nd application for the additional equipment beyond the 100kW system that is desired to be installed. The balance of system above the 100kW must be isolated electrically and physically from the 100kW rebated system. The total system size may not exceed 100% of the customer-generators metered load.

    A one-time estimated performance based incentive (EPBI) is paid for systems less than 10kW CEC-AC watts. Quarterly performance based incentives (PBI) are paid on systems 10kW CEC-AC watts and larger, payments are based on actual system energy production for 5 to 10 years depending on system size. Customer-generators must obtain a performance monitoring contract for the length of the PBI payment.
    Funding for the Business Solar Energy Program is limited and customer-generators must reserve funds for their project prior to construction of the PV system.


Important Documents
General PV System Related Information


  1. Download the Customer Check List
    The check list outlines required documentation for the type of system being installed.  This is a guide only; please refer to theProgram Handbook, Rule 21, and details in the application forms.  Customer is responsible for knowing program requirements and submitting all required program documentation.
  2. Download the PR Project Flow Process
    Project Flow Process assists customers and contractors with understanding the coordination and flow between the building permit application and the solar energy program application. 
  3. Complete and submit the Application  
    FORM A - "PV Installation Application" – All PV Applicants 
    FORM A1 –”Energy Efficiency Disclosure Statement” – PV Rebate Applicants
    FORM A2 – “Energy Efficiency Commitment Statement”  – PV Rebate Applicants

    Building Permit – apply for this at same time as submitting Solar Energy Program forms – both are needed prior to moving to Step 4! 
  4. Receive approvals prior to beginning construction
    Customer-generators must receive both the (1) Solar Energy Program FORM B – “PV System Reservation” and the (2) Building Permit comments and approval to proceed. Once customer-generator receives both approvals they may proceed with installation of the PV system.
  5. Install Your PV system
    Advise Solar Energy Program manager of any changes from what was submitted on the FORM A, updated documentation may be required depending on the change.  Once installed, the PV system safety disconnect must remain in the open (off) position until the FORM F – “Approval to Interconnect” form is received. 
  6. Project Closure Submittals
    FORM C – “PV Installation Certificate” – All PV Applicants
    FORM D – “Independent Certification of PV System” – PV Rebate Applicants
    FORM E - "PV System Installation Completion Notice" – All PV Applicants
  7. Project Inspections
    Upon approval of the Project Closure Submittals (Forms C, D and E) and verification the permit charges have been paid:
    1. An electric site inspection will be ordered by the Business Solar Energy Program Project manager.
    2. If project meets Roseville Electric requirements, the meter technical will sign the green permit card showing for the electric department approval.
    3. After RE signs the green card, customer-generator or contractor will contact the building department (916-774-5333) to schedule final permit inspection and approval.
    4. After building department signs the green permit card, E-mail signed green card to the Business Solar Energy Program Manager.
  8. Turning On The PV System
    After the signed green card is submitted to Roseville Electric, the customer will receive FORM F - "Approval to Interconnect". Once received, the customer may turn the system on to operate. The customer may not operate the PV system until Form F has been received.


These rebate levels will diminish over time allowing us to stay in compliance with California’s Million Solar Roof Initiative (Senate Bill 1).

Systems owned, leased, or under PPA agreements may apply for rebates.

Rebate reservations have a 120 day limit to complete the system installation and submit of all required program documentation.

Expected Performance Based Incentive
For systems with an estimated 1kW to less than 10kW CSI Rating
from the CSI Standard PV Calculator
Approx Step Schedule Incentive Steps $ Per CSI Rated AC Watts
CLOSED STEPS Step 1 $4.00
Step 2 $3.00
Step 3 $2.80
Step 4 $2.40
Step 5 $2.00
Step 6 $1.36
Step 7 $0.80
Step 8 $0.48
CURRENT STEP Step 9* $0.32
Anticipated Future Steps
Step 10** $0.24

* EPBI Step 9 is closing on January 14, 2015.  Reservation packages must be submitted and approved by the January 14th deadline. 
PV system installation and submittal of final EBPI rebate paperwork must be submitted by April 14, 2015 to receive the Step 8 incentive payment.
** EPBI Step 10 will take effect on January 15, 2015

Performance Based Incentive (PBI)
For systems rated from Systems Rated from 10kW up to 100kW CEC-AC-Rated watts
from the CSI Standard PV Calculator
Term of the PBI Incentive Payment Incentive
Dollars Per kWh Generated and Recorded
at the Customer Meter
5 Yrs 7 Yrs 7 Yrs 10 Yrs
System Size: CSI Rating AC Watts llllll 10kW


< =100kW
CLOSED STEPS Step 1 $0.337 $0.241 $0.223 $0.156
Step 2 $0.290 $0.207 $0.192 $0.145
Step 3 $0.241 $0.172 $0.160 $0.120
Step 4 $0.164 $0.117 $0.108 $0.082
Step 5 $0.096 $0.069 $0.064 $0.048
CURRENT STEP Step 6* $0.058 $0.041 $0.038 $0.029
Anticipated Future Rebate Steps
Step 7** $0.039 $0.028 $0.026 $0.019
Step 8 $0.029 $0.021 $0.019 $0.015

* PBI Step 6 is closing on January 14, 2015.  Reservation packages must be submitted and approved by the January 14th deadline. 
PV system installation and submittal of final BPI rebate paperwork must be submitted by July 14, 2015 to receive the PBI Step 6 incentive payment.

** PBI Step 7 will take effect on January 15, 2015

Please contact your account representative to assist with your rebate application and answer questions about your energy efficiency needs:

Large energy using customers – Contact Kris Blair or call her at (916) 774-5581

Small and medium energy using customers – Contact Mark Riffey or call him at (916) 746-1667