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General Terms & Conditions

All PV System Installations
  • PV systems being installed in the City of Roseville must comply with the requirements of the Business Solar Energy Program
  • PV systems being installed in the City or Roseville must apply for a building permit, pass all inspections, and pay appropriate fees and meter upgrade charges 
  • Installations are recommended to follow the State of California Fire Marshall Guidelines
  • Applicant must follow program guidelines and submit requirements outlined in Program Handbook and FORMS A through C prior to operating the PV system
  • PV systems require a net meter, cost of net meter upgrade to be paid by customer 
  • All applicants installing solar generation systems must abide by the requirements, rules, and regulations as defined in: 
    • Roseville Electric Business Solar Energy Program
    • Roseville Electric Rule 21 for Interconnection
    • Roseville Electric Construction Standards
    • City of Roseville Municipal Codes
    • City of Roseville Building Department Permit Requirements
    • Roseville Electric applicable City rules and regulations