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  1. Remove internal shelf lights to reduce refrigeration and lighting energy use.
  2. Remove all or at least every other incandescent bulb over refrigerated meat displays.
  3. Turn off lights in walk-in refrigerators and freezers.
  4. Maintain display fixtures and freezers at the following temperatures for maximum energy savings:
    1. Frozen food cases -8°F
    2. Ice cream cases/chests -14°F
    3. Deli cases 35°F
    4. Beer cases 40°F
    5. Soda/dairy cases 40°F
  5. Keep products below market load lines in freezers and coolers. Overloaded displays decrease product quality and increase energy use by as much as 10 to 20% per unit.
  6. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for shelf positions and sizes to prevent increased refrigeration loads.
  7. Keep doors on refrigerated units open as little as necessary when unloading or re-stocking.
  8. Use recommended night covers on low-temperature fixtures, and keep covers below load lines to reduce compressor run time and save energy.
  9. Clean condensing fins and plates monthly, and inspect for ice build-up and bent fins.
  10. Check door latches and gaskets on refrigeration and freezer units regularly; adjust latches and replace worn door gaskets as needed.
  11. When purchasing new refrigeration systems, select the higher energy efficiency rating (EER). The greater the cooling capacity for each kWh of energy input, the greater the efficiency of the system.
  12. Brush condenser coils weekly with a non-metallic brush and clean coils monthly if dust build-up is extensive.

Monthly or Quarterly

  1. Check refrigerant monthly for correct charge.
  2. Clean meat and dairy cases monthly.
  3. Clean produce and freezer cases every three months.


  1. Check refrigerator and freezer gaskets annually for leaks and wear, and replace as needed.
  2. Perform annual checks on refrigeration and freezer units to determine whether units are level; upright doors should close automatically from an open position.
  3. Have automatic defrost cycles checked annually and adjusted if necessary by a trained service technician.


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