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  1. Install weather-stripping around exterior doors and operable windows, and around doors between heated and unheated or cooled and uncooled spaces.
  2. Install door bottoms, thresholds, or door "shoes" to seal gaps beneath exterior doors and doors to unheated or uncooled spaces.
  3. Insulate exterior walls and floors, and insulate roof or ceiling spaces to R-19 standards or above wherever possible.
  4. Install window treatments where feasible, such as shade screens, shades, awnings, or overhangs.
  5. If exterior treatments are not feasible, consider interior window film, insulated drapes, valances and/or blinds, or removable insulation material.
  6. Caulk cracks and gaps around windows and doors, in the building foundation, and between different building materials.
  7. Repair roof leaks. Insulation will lose effectiveness when wet.
  8. Repair and maintain door and window weather-stripping to prevent water and moisture entry, causing doors and windows to warp and deteriorate.
  9. Consider permanently closing and sealing doors and windows NOT needed for building access or ventilation and that are NOT used as safety or fire exits.
  10. Keep doors between heated and unheated spaces and cooled and uncooled spaces closed, and install automatic door closers if needed.


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