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Residential New Construction PV - Standard

BEST Homes
BEST Homes 

Best Homes bring together rooftop solar electric generation (PV) technology
and high efficiency as a standard feature in new homes 

PV Only – Standard Feature

For home builders and their customers that desire the allure of solar on a home, without
the requirements of the BEST or Preferred Home programs.

* The process for the homebuilders and PV vendors is the same, regardless of the program

Program Forms:

NC PV Rebate Reservation Request Form
NC Permit to Operate Request Form
NC PV Payment Request Form
NC PV Programs Terms and Conditions

Reservation Requirements

  1. Submit a completed PV Rebate Reservation Request Form
  2. Submit the required supporting documents, as listed on the above referenced form

* Do not proceed until reservation approval has been received via email.

Permit to Operate (Only) Requirements

  1. Submit Permit to Operate (PTO) Request Form
  2. Submit CF6R-PV or NSHP-PV2
  3. Submit Multiple Address List, if necessary

Payment Request Requirements

  1. Submit PV Request for Payment Form
  2. Submit CF4R-PV or NSHP-PV3
  3. Submit Final CSI EPBB Report
  4. Submit Multiple Address List, if necessary

Current Step = #10 – $0.24 per CSI Rated AC Watts

Rebates will be paid until December 31, 2017 or funds have been fully allocated - whichever comes first.

To get more details about any of our residential new construction programs, please contact 

Mark Riffey at (916) 746-1667 or


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