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Residential New Construction PV - Standard & Optional

Rebates will be paid until December 31, 2017 or funds have been fully allocated - whichever comes first.

PV Programs

For builders who choose to make solar a standard feature on their homes or the builder that prefers to give home buyers the option to install solar during construction.

Program Forms:

NC PV Rebate Reservation Request Form
NC PV Multiple Address Information Sheet

NC PV Permit to Operate (PTO) Request Form
NC PV Interconnection Agreement

NC PV Payment Request Form

Reservation Requirements

  1. Submit a completed PV Rebate Reservation Request Form
  2. Submit the required supporting documents, as listed on the above referenced form

* PV Optional homes/lots MUST submit a complete reservation package for each and every participating lot.
* Villages that offer PV as a standard feature MUST submit a complete reservation package once, for the entire village.
* For standard PV Villages, each revision requires the resubmittal of the complete reservation package.

** Do not proceed without a reservation approval from Roseville Electric Utility.

Permit to Operate (Only) Requirements

  1. Submit Permit to Operate (PTO) Request Form
  2. Submit CF6R-PV or NSHP-PV2
  3. Submit Multiple Address List, if necessary

Payment Request Requirements

  1. Submit PV Request for Payment Form
  2. Submit CF4R-PV or NSHP-PV3
  3. Submit Final CSI EPBB Report
  4. Submit Multiple Address List, if necessary

Current Step = #10 – $0.24 per CSI Rated AC Watts

To get more details about any of our residential new construction programs, please contact 

Mark Riffey at (916) 746-1667 or


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