Residential New Construction Solar Energy Program

   As residential solar installations become standard on many new home communities. Roseville Electric wants to assure that production home builders are able to efficiently apply for interconnection to Roseville's electric grid as well as rebates for solar systems on new communities.  We have made it easy for our local home builders by offering a multiple site interconnection and rebate application reservation process for master planned villages. Builders or their solar PV installation company must complete the process below to ensure that the solar systems are able to start up on schedule.

NOTE: This Program is ONLY for Roseville new construction builders not participating in the BEST Homes Program

Use the process to apply for:

  • Whole community PV interconnection approval before construction 
  • Multiple home PV rebates and reserve funds before construction 

Step by step guide:
1. Builders or their chosen representative complete the Residential New Construction Solar Energy Program Interconnection and Rebate Reservation Application RNCSEP Interconnection and Rebate Application along with the RNCSEP Multiple Site Information Sheet
2. Builder or their chosen representative compile all required documents including CSI reports and submit to Roseville Electric 
3. Roseville Electric program manager acknowledges interconnection application and approves community documentation via email to applicant
4. If builder is applying for a rebate they will receive a reservation approval letter from Roseville Electric
Post Installation
5. After homes pass final building inspection solar installer completes the Installer verification form RNCSEP Installer Verification Form and submits with all required documents to Roseville Electric for approval
6. Roseville Electric sends out a third party to verify installation and specifications of the PV system
7. Interconnection is approved via countersigned RNCSEP Installer Verification Form and rebate (if applicable) is approved and paid. Allow 6-8 weeks for processing.

Residential New Construction Solar Energy Program Rebate Schedule
Expected Performance Based Incentive (EPBI)
Systems less than 10kW Rated AC Watts

Approxmiate Step Schedule  Incentive Steps  $ Per CSI Rated AC Watts 
 Current Step                      Step 9      $.32
 Upcoming Step (TBD)  Step 10                $.24

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