Roseville Energy Park

Roseville Energy Park The Roseville Energy Park sits on a 8.9-acre site adjacent to the Pleasant Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant which began operation in 2004. The power generation plant’s proximity to the wastewater treatment plant will allow the city to use recycled water to cool the system and provide processed water for the facility.

The Roseville Energy Park (REP) is a bold step into the future that continues the City’s long tradition of providing reliable, affordable power to its residents and businesses. When operations begin in 2007, the state-of-the-art, 160-megawatt power generation facility can provide up to 40 percent of the community’s electricity needs.

The decision to build the power facility stems from a proud heritage of service that began in 1912 when Roseville Electric, the City’s award-winning electric utility, delivered electricity to its first 150 customers. Today, Roseville is well poised to have greater control over its energy needs—with less dependence on the uncertain electricity market—thanks to Roseville Electric and the Roseville Energy Park.

The Roseville power plant is considered a critical facility that requires a comprehensive operation plan to ensure the safety of our employees and citizens. To meet state and federal security requirements related to restricted access, Roseville Electric does not offer public tours of the power plant. The grounds are restricted and accessible only by authorized staff. During the construction of the facility, we understood the public would be interested in visiting the facility. Because we are unable to provide that level of access, the City of Roseville produced a special government access television show to give viewers a look into the park and how it works.

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