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Renewable Energy

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nullYour voluntary participation will help purchase renewable energy you use in your home or business from regional renewable energy sources

Your participation is based on your energy use. For an additional 0.5¢ per kWh, you can be the one to help protect the environment and help Roseville Electric increase the amount of green energy we provide.

For more information please call 79-POWER.

Green Roseville
Your Home or Business Choice
Roseville Electric makes it easy and affordable for you to GO GREEN!  Green Roseville allows you to support renewable energy production without costly or long-term commitments. Our voluntary program allows you to choose a level of support that meets your needs.

For Your Home
This innovative program now offers Roseville residents a way to support clean energy for today and for future generations for 0.5¢ / kWh – You can also choose to support the Roseville Green Fund, at 0.5¢ /kWh.  This fund is set up to support the development and maintenance of City owned Solar generated projects like the solar array atop the Roseville Civic Center and Fire Station #6. For those who want to go all the way, you can choose to support both Green Roseville and the Roseville Green Fund. 

For Your Business
You can show your customers, your employees, and your shareholders that you care about the community and the environment by participating in Green Roseville. By supporting renewable energy, you demonstrate your belief in sustainability, responsibility, and the future. 

Green Roseville - Businesses can pay an extra 0.5 cents per kilowatt hour for 100% of their energy usage or purchase renewable energy in 1,000 kWh blocks for $5.  This convenient option allows you to choose a level of participation that meets your business needs. Get recognized in our community as a Green Business. Call 79-POWER for more info.

Voluntary participation in the Green Roseville or Green Fund program is simple. You can opt in or out of the program at any time.
Roseville Residents please call 916-774-5300
Roseville Businesses please call 916-774-5581

Once enrolled, you will notice a Green Roseville and/or Green Fund line item on your itemized electric bill monthly. This charge will be in addition to the Renewable Energy Surcharge and Greenhouse Gas Surcharge.  For more information, please call 916-797-6937


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