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Lower My Bill

Understanding how you use electricity in your home is the first step to lowering your electricity bill.

  Start by learning how much energy you use.

Get a customized Home Energy Report that illustrates your energy use and compares it to homes in your neighborhood most like yours. This tool also provides personalized energy saving tips. Have your account number ready, custom reports require log-in. 
The DIY Home Energy Check-Up provides a step-by-step guide to help you identify areas in your home where you can save energy and money, along with a video containing even more useful tips.

Watch the DIY Home Energy Check-Up Video 

Energy Saving Resources

These resources may provide additional information or tips to help you complete energy efficient home improvement projects or provide information that will help you make an informed decision when purchasing a new appliance or air conditioner.

Ten Steps to Save

Get more "bang for your buck" with low cost energy efficiency projects that have a big impact! Making your home more energy efficient is more affordable than you think when you put first things first.

programmable thermostat

seal the leaks

replace air filters

CFL's and LED's

seal leaky ducts

plant shade trees

install sun screens

ENERGY STAR® appliances

fix or replace your HVAC

go solar


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