Power Partners

Power PartnersAs a Roseville Electric customer, you enjoy some of the lowest rates in the state and the highest reliability too. We work diligently to keep our costs low, but always keeping in mind that you want reliable energy and dependable service.

In our region, managing our energy needs during the summer is critical in maintaining a reliable electric system and keeping the lights on in our city and throughout the state. Roseville Electric, and other utilities statewide, rely upon their customers to help.

Power Partners is a new, voluntary program that allows you to partner with Roseville Electric. Because your participation will benefit the community and our electric utility, you will receive a $10 bill credit when you enroll and an additional $10 bill credit each summer you participate.

Power Partners is a program that cycles your central air conditioning compressor on and off at selected times during high energy demand summer days. Our program is designed with your comfort in mind and will only be implemented on those critical days.

Sign up for Power Partners today and receive a $10 bill credit and an additional $10 each summer you're a Power Partner.
Call (877) 754-3566 to sign up for Power Partners or enroll online.

How Power Partners Works
Why become a Power Partner?
The greatest demand for electricity in Roseville occurs during hot summer days when air conditioners throughout the city are running continuously. During this time, which we refer to as peak demand, electricity in California is in limited supply and is very expensive to purchase.

By partnering with Roseville Electric, you can help us manage the amount of electricity we need to purchase at high peak prices, as well as help us avoid the need for rolling blackouts.

By managing our expenditures and energy use, we can continue to deliver reliable energy and low prices to all our Roseville customers and we’ll give you a bill credit for participating! This year, you’ll receive a $10 bill credit after you enroll and the switch has been successfully installed at your residence. You’ll receive an additional $10 credit this summer and every additional summer you participate.

How does the program work?

When you sign up as a Power Partner, Roseville Electric* will install a small device outside your home near your air conditioning unit. During critical hot summer days, when demand for electricity is extremely high, Roseville Electric will have the ability to send a signal to the device that will safely cycle the air conditioner compressor.

The common schedule will be 10 minutes every half hour. During this time, your air conditioner compressor will cycle off and on again while your air conditioner fan continues to circulate cool air within your home. This device is designed to work with the normal operating cycles of your air conditioner and will not cycle more than 30 minutes each hour during cycling periods.

By cycling air conditioner compressors on a coordinated schedule, Power Partners work together to reduce Roseville’s peak energy demand - The best part is; your home will stay cool and your family will remain comfortable.

To determine if you qualify to become a Power Partner, call (877) 754-3566 and a representative will help you identify if your home and AC system meet the requirements for participation.  Renters will need authorization from the property owner before installation. You can download the renter authorization form here. Some AC systems may not qualify. Roseville Electric* reserves the right to disallow participation in the Power Partners program at any time and for any reason.  

FAQs about the Power Partners program.

*Roseville Electric has an agreement with a third party to provide the technology and administer the Power Partner program. This party is responsible for installing, removing and servicing the wireless unit.