Air Conditioner & Heat Pump Rebates

Roseville Electric understands that air conditioning efficiency is especially important in our warm climate. We offer the following rebates to help homeowners purchase higher efficiency systems to save money during the cooling season.

 High Efficiency Air Conditioner Program

Rebates for varying levels of efficiency above standard, the higher level you choose the lower your operating cost for the life of the system and higher the rebate you will be eligible for.

  Saver Level

 Premium Level

 Elite Level

  •  Split System AC or Heat Pump 15 SEER/ 12.5 EER/ 8.5 HSPF
  • Package AC or Heat Pump 14 SEER/ 12 EER/ 8 HSPF
  • Programmable Thermostat
  •   Split System AC or Heat Pump 16 SEER/ 13 EER/ 9 HSPF
  • Package System AC or Heat Pump 16 SEER/ 12.5 EER/ 8.4 HSPF
  • Programmable Thermostat 

  •   Split System AC 14.5 EER minimum
  • Programmable Thermostat
  • Two Year Maintenance Agreement included

Rebate: $350 Rebate: $850 Rebate: $850

You Must have the following electronic documents ready to attach to your online application before submission
  1.  Purchase agreement showing new system has been installed and has been paid for in full
  2. Final City of Roseville building permit
  3. Title 24 Installer verification form: CF-2R-MCH-01  
  4. AHRI Certificate demonstrating efficiency of new system
  5. For Elite Level rebate only please document that the 2 year service agreement is in place either on the system purchase agreement or on a separate maintenance agreement 

Application Process: NEW! Apply Online by clicking the link below 

Apply via mail, fax, or hand delivery to the Roseville Electric offices by simply clicking on the application form below, completing the required information, attaching the required documentation and submitting via chosen method.

General Information for all programs above:
  • City of Roseville Finaled permit required for all payment requests
  • Rebates are limited to available funding  and are not guaranteed
  • All projects must be installed to current mechanical code including compliance with California Title 24 energy measure testing and certification

Additional Resources:

  1. ACCA Manual J & D Information
  2. CalCerts