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Rebates - Electric HVAC

Can I participate without a reservation?
No – based on the design of this program, your reservation is issued upon receipt of sizing documentation. This sizing documentation will identify proper sizing and qualification for participation in the rebate program.
Does an HVAC contractor need to be a listed participating contractor?
Yes – This is a contractor incentive program. The rebate will be paid to the contractor. Participating contractors must have attended a HVAC Right-Size workshop and agree to adhere to our Code of Conduct.
Is Roseville Electric Certifying Contractors?
No – Certification is not required, however contractors must be listed as a “Participating” contractor to receive a rebate. Participating contractors must have attended a HVAC Right-Size workshop and agree to adhere to our Code of Conduct.
What types of homes are eligible for the rebate?
Only single-family homes are eligible. Duplex, four-plex, condos, townhomes and mobile homes are not eligible.
Why was my reservation application rejected?
In most cases, an application will be rejected if it is missing information either on the application form or as supporting documentation. Applications will also be rejected if they are incorrect, or indicate that the proposed system is not properly sized based on our program requirements.
Are rebates based on the age of the home or on the age of the existing system?
Rebates are based on the age of the home.
Can I get both rebates?
No. Each project is only eligible for one rebate.
What if I just completed a project under the old program; am I still eligible for the new rebate?
No, you must have sized and installed under the new program requirements.
Can the rebate payment be redirected to my contractor?
Yes. There is a check box on the application which allows the homeowner to elect where the rebate should go, to themselves or to the contractor.
Can I apply for a rebate on my rental property?
Yes. Single-family detached homes are eligible. Moble or prefab homes do not qualify
Do I need a HERS rater for every job?
Yes. Each job must be inspected by a certified HERS rater.
What kind of software can I use for the Manual J and Manual D?
Anything approved by ACCA.
Please submit a full report.
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