Considering a Solar Electric System

A solar contractor came to my door and said they work with Roseville Electric, is that true?
There are many solar contractors doing business in the City of Roseville. If you choose to do business with a solar contractor, that contractor will “work with” Roseville Electric to submit the proper documentation for your project, but Roseville Electric does not partner with or endorse any particular contractor. Even with the help of a solar contractor, you are ultimately responsible to obtain the proper City of Roseville building permit and submit the required interconnection application to Roseville Electric. Failure to do so is a violation of Rule 21 and may result in the disconnection of your solar electric system from your electrical panel.
What is Rule 21?
Rule 21 is the section of the City of Roseville Municipal code that refers to the interconnection of distributed generation in parallel to the Roseville Electric distribution grid. It discusses the terms and conditions by which a solar system is allowed to operate within city limits. Customers interested in installing a solar system are encouraged to read this document, and will sign the Interconnection Agreement to abide by these rules.
What is solar electric energy?
Solar energy takes advantage of the sun's rays to generate heat or electricity. It is an infinitely renewable resource and unique for its ability to generate energy in a quiet, clean, and consistent manner.
Which solar electric contractor should I use?
When selecting a solar electric contractor it is imperative to do your homework. The Contractors State License Board ( 800-321-2752) recommends you acquire at least 3 bids from 3 different contractors. In addition, the contractor must be registered on the Go Solar California website ( Be proactive – get recommendations from friends or neighbors that have solar and research companies online.
Who benefits most from solar power?
The most cost-effective installations are in homes with very large electric bills where energy use is in the higher tiered residential energy rates. However, many people install solar for environmental benefits. The payback is fastest for customers with larger bills, yet many solar users value environmental responsibility as much as cost benefits.
Why is it important to get multiple bids?
As with any major purchase, it's helpful to compare costs and information. Seeking information from multiple professionals can provide constructive advice, set realistic expectations, and help you fine-tune the design that will work best for your application.
Will a rooftop solar electric system lower my bill?
Behavior is key to lowering one’s bill. Some solar customers naturally take additional energy conservation measures and create new habits once their system is installed; others tend to use more because they view it as “free” energy. System orientation, shading and keeping the panels clean may also affect actual energy use.
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