Using Your Solar System

Does having solar on my roof mean I am “off the grid” and not connected to electricity from Roseville Electric?
No. Having solar on your roof does not mean you are “off the grid.” To effectively go “off the grid,” a home would not be tied to the electric utility, and would require massive battery banks, which can add 40% or more to the cost of a system, and ultra-low energy consumption appliances and energy-efficient lighting would need to be incorporated into the dwelling. Converting a conventional electric service to an “off the grid” service is very expensive.
What happens at night when the sun is down? Do I still get electricity? Does electricity get stored somewhere in my house?
At night a conventional solar electric system goes dormant; and during winter and overcast days the solar system produces less energy than it does during the summer and on clear, sunny days. During these low/no production times, you will get power from the electric utility grid. When the sun comes back out, the system resumes producing energy. Energy is only stored for later use if you have a battery system to store energy installed.
What happens if we lose power, will my solar system still work?
If power from Roseville Electric is lost, your solar electric inverter will automatically disconnect from the electric panel; neither the utility power nor the solar electric system will be available to provide power to you during the outage. The solar electric system will remain disconnected until power has been restored by Roseville Electric, at which time it will automatically reconnect to your electric panel. If the solar electric system does not have battery back-up, there is no power flowing to be used during the power outage.
What happens with my solar electric system if I sell my house and move? Does the solar system stay with the house or can I remove and re-install it on my next house?
Most solar electric systems stay with the home to which they are attached. The cost to remove and reinstall a system is usually offset by the higher resale value of a home that produces some of its own electricity. If you have a lease or PPA agreement, check your contract or contact the financing company for the details on how this is handled.
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