Cool Home - Whole House Fan

Cool Your Home Naturally                     

On Summer days in Roseville we need air conditioning to keep us cool, but what about at night when the temperature drops as the sun goes down?

On many nights the outdoor temperature drops significantly after the sun goes down. However, in today's tightly sealed homes, that cool air is not allowed in to naturally "air condition" because it can't get in.  Not only does the house stay warm, but the attic which can reach blistering hot temperatures of 150 degrees or more on a summer day, continues to stay hot well into the evening. This hot attic acts as a "heat blanket" over your home causing the air conditioner to run and use energy well into the night.  Don't settle for a hot house and attic, our new program helps you choose a Cool Home.
example of advanced fan
How a whole house fan can benefit you:

  • Comfort - Open the windows in the cool evening and switch on your system for a breeze that can feel like a 10 degree reduction in your home while it simultaneously rids your attic of the "heat blanket" effect
  • Energy Savings at night - The "heat blanket" is gone and the cool breeze is taking the place of your air conditioner all night at about one tenth the energy use
  • Energy Savings the next day - By allowing the fan to operate all night and "pre-cool" your house you can keep that expensive air conditioner from turning on until later in the day 
  • Fresh Air - Many people enjoy the whole house fan's capability to push out the stale air in their homes and bring in fresh outside air

Roseville Electric offers the following incentives to help you install this technology in your home

   Advanced Whole House Fan
 Rebate  $400
 Minimum CFM*  2000
* See Cool Home - Whole House Fan Program Rebate Application Form for full program requirements, terms, and conditions. CFM Stands for Cubic Feet per Minute.

How to Apply

 Online through Roseville Electric's Portal  Mail In Rebate   Scan and Email   Fax
How to Submit  Temporarily unavailable  Send Application package  to:
Roseville Electric Rebate Program
2090 Hilltop Circle
Roseville, CA. 95747
 Scan all the required  documents
attach and email them to our
friendly customer service reps. at
 Fax Application Package to:
Documents You'll Need 
  •  Proof of Purchase
    • Self Install - Provide receipt specifying model of fan, retailer, and date of purchase
    • Contractor Install - Provide paid-in-full invoice specifying model of fan, rebate reflected in total purchase price, and date of purchase
  • Manufacturer's specification sheet demonstrating cfm per watt
  • Completed and signed Cool Home- Whole House Fan Program Application*


Other Information and resources on this energy efficiency technology

For more information about whole house fans, visit  the US Department of Energy - Cooling with a whole house fan

For questions or comments on this program please call 916-797-6937 or email us at