Liquid Management System Project Information

Following a review of the Liquid Management System (LMS) Project, Roseville Electric Utility has decided to no longer advance the LMS Project as an alternative to the existing Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) system at the Roseville Energy Park.

Roseville Electric Utility initiated an evaluation in 2009 of the options to address operational performance issues and high maintenance costs associated with the ZLD system.   Recognizing that nearly five years has elapsed since the LMS Project evaluation process began, a review of all activities associated with the LMS Project was conducted to ensure advancing the project further remained a viable option.

Based upon an updated economic feasibility analysis which considers actual operation and maintenance costs associated with the ZLD, as well as other updates, continued development of the LMS Project is not economically viable at this time. The costs of maintaining the existing ZLD system have been significantly lower than projected.  As a result, the anticipated cost savings would not be realized.

The Electric Department expects to update the City Council at a future meeting.

Liquid Management System Blog

New Questions & Answers
6/4/2013Roseville Electric Staff recently met with the Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations (RCONA) and presented and overview of the Liquid Management System (LMS) project. Some of the attendees were unfamiliar with the project and asked good questions. Some of them had had been previously addressed on the LMS Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) webpage hosted on this site.

Welcome to the Liquid Management System Blog
2/27/2013This post kicks-off a BLOG that has been created to keep City of Roseville residents informed on the progress of the proposed Liquid Management System (LMS) at the Roseville Energy Park. The BLOG will offer the latest project updates.