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Planting Details

Placement of Shade Trees

  • Provide adequate shade to home when mature without branching over the roof area.
  • Not block solar PV unit from direct sunlight when applicable
  • Be clear from both underground and over head utilities
  • Have room for growth that will not damage surrounding areas, like sidewalks, drainage and irrigation systems

Planting Details

The diagram below is provided to assist with planting of shade trees. The described method of planting will increase the success rate and ensure each tree has an optimal environment for long-term growth and development. Questions about the planting diagram can be answered by Roseville Shade Tree Program staff.

1. Planting hole

  • 2-3 times wider than root ball
  • Tree is placed on a pedestal of compact fill or undisturbed native soil
  • Top of root ball shall be 1-2" higher than finished grade (including sod) so that water does not pool at root crown.

2. Backfill - native soil (no amendments but remove foreign materials).

3. Fertilizer

  • Four tablets 20-10-5 or equivalent per #15 tree
  • 3-5" deep in fill soil

4. Stakes

  • Remove nursery stake attached to tree
  • Two stakes, 2"diameter, lodgepole, driven into the backfill (not the root ball).
  • Minimize contact of stakes with tree
  • Two tree ties ("cinch-tie", rubber tree straps or equivalent) attached to stakes with 11/4 threaded galvanized nails. Tree must be free to sway somewhat, but trunks should be supported so they are vertical and straight. Some trees may need 2 sets of ties.
  • Cut off tops of stakes damaged by driving

5. Mulch - 3-4" of clean, woody mulch over backfill leaving root ball uncovered

6. Water both root ball and backfill thoroughly.

>> Step by step printable Planting Guide


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