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Data Clearinghouse

Data from the City's GIS are available for download from the City's Open Data Portal.

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Community Facilities Districts (service)
Development Agreements
Lighting and Landscape Districts
Neighborhood Associations
Redevelopment Areas
Redevelopment Districts1
Elementary School Districts
High School Districts
Spheres of Influence
Zip codes
Address Points
Building Footprints
City Boundary
Parcel Lines2
Planimetric Detail2
Subdivision Boundaries
Natural Resource
Flood Zones
Open Space
General Plan Land Use
Specific Plan Areas
Public Safety
Fire Districts
Fire Subdistricts
Flood Alert Zones
Police Beats
Police Reporting Districts
Wild Fire Access Points
Bike Routes
Bike Trail Markers
Street Centerlines
Traffic Analysis Zones
Truck Routes
Recycled Water Mains
Recycled Water Point Features3
Storm Water Mains
Storm Water Point Features4
Telecommunication Sites
Wastewater Mains
Wastewater Point Features5
Wastewater Service Lines5
Water System6

1Included with redevelopment area layer for geodatabase format.
2Included with parcel layer for geodatabase format.
3Included with recycled water mains layer with geodatabase format.
4Included with storm drains layer for geodatabase format.
5Included with wastewater mains layer for geodatabase format.
6For the water system layers, contact Environmental Utilities at (916) 774-5770.


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