Adopted 2015- 2017 Utility Rate Increases (water, wastewater and solid waste)

What do water, wastewater, and solid waste rates fund?

The City provides water, wastewater (sewer), and solid waste (solid waste rates include street-sweeping services) service to more than 39,000 customers (residential and commercial). The City Charter requires all utilities to be financially self-sufficient. Monthly charges paid by customers are the primary source of revenue.


All revenue from utility bills fund maintenance and operation of the utilities. Revenue is not used for other general government purposes. Revenues must meet costs such as purchasing raw water, energy, chemicals, rehabilitation and replacement of equipment/infrastructure, maintenance, regulatory costs, and salaries. Utility rates are calculated to: 1) recover costs reasonably borne to provide services; 2) are equitable to all customer classes; 3) are proportionate to the cost of providing services attributable to the parcels within each customer class; and 4) recover the City’s fixed costs of operating and maintaining the treatment plants and collection/distribution systems.

2017 rate proposal underway

Environmental Utilities is proposing utility rate increases for water, wastewater and solid waste services. The rate increases will help maintain financial resiliency, offset infrastructure maintenance and rehabilitation costs, and comply with current and future unfunded mandates—all of which ensures high levels of customer service and reliable utility services. For details visit this page.

Rates for each utility

Water: On December 16, 2015, City Council approved a rate increase taking effect February 8 and July 1 2016:

  • A typical single family home using 12 CCF (hundred cubic feet) of water can expect to see their monthly water bill increase about $5.52 a month, from about $26.81 to $32.33.  An increase in July 2016 would increase the bill to about $36.25.  To mitigate the cost impact of the transition to a volumetric uniform rate, the 15 percent water shortage surcharge would no longer be applied to water bills.
  • Commercial customers would see a 10 percent increase to the current volumetric uniform rate, nominal adjustments to monthly service charges, and the elimination of the 15 percent water shortage surcharge.  Effective July 1, 2016, a 12 percent rate increase would apply to both the monthly service charge and uniform volumetric rate.

Determine your water rate using our rate calculator.

Wastewater: For wastewater service, City Council approved two consecutive annual rate increases:

  • 6 percent increase, effective July 1, 2015, raising the current rate from $30.75 to $32.60 a month per household
  • 6.5 percent increase, effective July 1,2016, raising the current rate from $32.60 to $34.70 a month per household

Solid waste: Rates for solid waste will remain the same in 2015.  The City Council did approve a proposed rate reduction modification for households that use an additional green-waste or mixed-refuse can.

  • The rate for an additional green waste can was reduced from $11.70 to $8.50 per month
  • A new $16.00 rate was created for households who use an additional mixed-refuse can, replacing the current rate of $23.40

Bill Estimates for Typical Residential Customers (Monthly)

Rate adjustment are approximate. Actual bills may vary due to rounding.

Current monthly charges (as of 1/1/16)**

Rates effective 2/8/16

Rates effective 7/1/2016

Monthly charges

Estimated increases

Monthly charges

Estimated increases













solid waste











*Customer using 1,300 cubic feet of water (average single family usage)
**Includes Water Shortage Surcharge 


Public Utilities Commission

Roseville City Council