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Adopted 2013 and 2014 Utility Rate Increases (water, wastewater and solid waste)

What do water, wastewater, and solid waste rates fund?

The City provides water, wastewater (sewer), and solid waste (solid waste rates include street-sweeping services) service to over 39,000 customers (residential and commercial). The City Charter requires all utilities to be financially self-sufficient. Monthly charges paid by customers are the primary source of revenue.

All revenue from utility bills fund maintenance and operation of the utilities. Revenue is not used for other general government purposes. Revenues must meet costs such as purchasing raw water, energy, chemicals, rehabilitation and replacement of equipment/infrastructure, maintenance, regulatory costs, and salaries. Utility rates are calculated to: 1) recover costs reasonably borne to provide services; 2) are equitable to all customer classes; 3) are proportionate to the cost of providing services attributable to the parcels within each customer class; and 4) recover the City’s fixed costs of operating and maintaining the treatment plants and collection/distribution systems.

Changes to Water and Wastewater Rates:

A two-year rate increase was adopted by the Roseville City Council in April 2013. The rate increase was necessary in order to recover sufficient revenues to operate and maintain the City’s water and wastewater systems. The first of the rate increases was effective on billings as of July 1, 2013, and the second will be effective on bills as of July 1, 2014. Utility bills for a typical single family home are shown in Table 1: Bill Estimates for Typical Residential Customers (Monthly).

Water: The monthly water bill for an average single family home with typical water usage increased $0.76 a month, from $30.64 to $31.40 in 2013. The increase in July 2014 will increase the bill about $0.79 to $32.19.

Wastewater: For wastewater service, the monthly wastewater bill for a typical single family home will increase $0.87 a month, from $29.00 to $29.87. The increase in July 2014 will increase the bill by $0.90 to $30.77.

Table 1: Bill Estimates for Typical Residential Customers (Monthly)

<><>*Rate adjustments are approximate. Actual bills may vary due to rounding.

2012 Bill 2013 Rate Adjustment* 2013 Incremental $ Increase 2013 Estimated Bill 2014 Rate Adjustment* 2014 Estimated Increase 2014 Estimated Bill
Water $ 30.64 2.5% $ 0.76 $ 31.40 2.5% $ 0.79 $ 32.19
Sewer $ 29.00 3.0% $ 0.87 $ 29.87 3.0% $ 0.90 $ 30.77
Solid Waste $ 23.40 0.0% $ - $ 23.40 0.0% $ - $23.40
$ 83.04 1.8% $ 1.63 $ 84.67 1.8% $ 1.68 $ 86.34

Impact on Commercial Customer Bills:

Commercial consumption rates vary by type of customer. Water and wastewater rates increases are applied by the same proportion as increases in the residential consumption category. For Solid Waste commercial customers using roll-off services, rates were adjusted to include the cost of hauling only. Tipping fees are no longer incorporated into the rate structure, as explained below.

Changes to Commercial Solid Waste Rates:

In general, no changes were adopted for residential solid waste or most commercial services. The only rate structure modification applied to Commercial Solid Waste Roll-Off Bin (Open Top and Compactor) services. The new rate does not incorporate tipping fee tonnage, but is a standard rate of $286 per haul (will not vary by bin size) based on the cost to the City to provide the service. The cost of tonnage varies per customer, based on the weight per haul.

City Council Adoption of Rates - April 3, 2013


Proposed Rate Increase 2015/16

Public Utilities Commission

Roseville City Council

Prop 218 Notice (Proposed for this July 2015)

Council Adoption of Rates


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