Utility Rehabilitation

A short history of Roseville’s water and sewer system

Pipe in need of rehabilitation....

Roseville’s utility system dates to the turn of the 20th Century. Our first water pipelines were constructed beginning in 1906 and sewer pipelines in 1911.

Pipe materials in those days essentially consisted of vitrified clay for sewer, which was mined and manufactured in neighboring Lincoln. The water system was constructed of cast iron. Many of these pipes are still in service today having served the City for almost 100 years. But time has taken its toll and in some cases we need to replace some of the aged system.

Pipe in need of rehabilitiation....Newer materials now include PVC and ductile iron for water pipelines.

Sewer pipes now use PVC in addition to clay; however, the clay technology has progressed to both an art and a science with pipes that are much stronger now than historically produced.

Today, Roseville has some 500 miles each of water and sewer pipe in its inventory to maintain and care for as well as two wastewater treatment plants and a water treatment plant. Our dedicated and progressive staff have developed a program to plan for replacement and rehabilitation of our important utility infrastructure to assure that our water system can continue to provide adequate domestic and fire flow, and our sewer system remains tight and leak free treating the wastewater to the highest and most stringent standards.

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Roseville’s Rehabilitation Plan

The City began work on a rehabilitation plan in 2000 with a goal of meeting the financial need of replacing our pipelines and our water and wastewater treatment plants without having to borrow money. We now have a plan in place that forecasts the funds needed to replace or rehabilitate our infrastructure so we can adequately maintain the needed funds for the future.

With 85% of our assets in the ground, that is, in the streets in front of your homes and business, we are concentrating on evaluating the condition of some of Roseville’s oldest water and sewer pipelines. We are currently implementing an annual program of replacing certain pipelines in poor condition.

To date, 1.2 miles of water main has been replaced and 8 miles of sewer main has been refurbished and replaced.

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Smile, your sewer is on candid camera

Using special cameras and computer systems, we are in the process of inspecting approximately 130,000 feet of our oldest sewer pipelines …… pipes between 75 and 100 years old!

Special cleaning crews will first flush and remove any debris from the pipeline. Soon afterwards, a television inspection van and its crew will insert a special camera that will crawl along the inside of the pipe collecting valuable video data.

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Water and Sewer History
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Utility Rehabilitation Program
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