Recycled Water

Recycled water is a clean and safe source of irrigation water conveyed through purple pipes in the ground. Recycled water is used in parks, medians and golf courses in Roseville. It's not for drinking, but it's perfect for irrigating grass, plants and trees. Best of all, its great for the environment because it lets us keep the grass and plants green without having to use drinking water. Purple pipes keep Roseville green.  Most recently, as a result of the drought and more stringent statewide water use restrictions, we are using recycled water for construction use.

Recycled water is produced at both of the City's wastewater treatment facilities. Recycled water has been treated to the highest level required by the California Department of Health Services and is approved for many uses, except drinking.  We provide recycled water to over 80 sites. 

Recycled water available to construction, landscape contractors  

The City is currently not issuing potable water hydrant permits for dust control, soil conditioning and street sweeping. Contractors that need water for these applications will need to apply for recycled water hydrant permits. Landscape contractors can purchase recycled water to hand irrigate landscapes and to maintain the health and viability of high-valued and beneficial trees.  If you are interested in using recycled water for construction or landscape uses, please download the following documents, complete and return to our front counter located at 2005 Hilltop Circle.  

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  • Agreement
  • Log

    For questions or more information call (916) 774-5750.

    Residential recycled water fill station 

    Roseville’s residential recycled water program is available to all residents within the city of Roseville.  Opened during limited operating hours, customers can collect up to 300 gallons of recycled water at our fill station per visit for use on lawns, gardens and other landscape watering needs. 


    • Live in and apply the recycled water in the city of Roseville.
    • Submit application and signed agreement, pay fees and attend safety recycled water use training.
    • Obtain a sealed container to safely transport recycled water. Consider these tips when transporting your recycled water safely.
    • Download form and accurately log recycled water use.  


    To drop off application and pay fees
    Environmental Utilities Corporation Yard
    2005 Hilltop Circle

    Fill station
    West Zone Pump Station, 5118 Phillip Road
    At the intersection of Phillip Road and Westpark Drive (Map)

    Fill station hours 
    Monday and Wednesday 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.
    Friday 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

    Sample of our customers

    Woodcreek Golf Club - 5880 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd

    Diamond Oaks Municipal Golf Course - 349 Diamond Oaks Rd

    Sun City Roseville Golf Course - 7050 Del Webb Blvd

    Morgan Creek Golf Country Club - 8731 Morgan Creek Lane

    Schoolhouse Park

    Veteran’s Memorial Park 

    Elliot Park

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    What is recycled water? 
    Roseville’s recycled water produced at our treatment plants is disinfected to the highest level required by the California Department of Health Services and is approved for many uses, except drinking.

    Is recycled water safe?
    Yes, in fact, there has never been a documented case of a health-related incident that has been traced back to recycled water.

    What does the City of Roseville do with recycled water? 
    The City pumps recycled water through a system of purple pipes that are completely separate from the potable (drinking water) pipes. The City pumps the recycled water to customers like golf courses and parks, where they use it to irrigate their turf and shrubs.

    Who uses recycled water? 
    Currently parks and golf courses are the main users of recycled water in Roseville.  Environmental Utilities also provides recycled water to the Roseville Energy Park for their cooling towers and for construction use, including dust control, soil processing, and street sweeping.

    Why does the City of Roseville recycle water?
    The City recycles water to create a more reliable water supply in our growing community. Not only does the use of recycled water offset the use of potable water, recycled water is drought proof. That is to say, during times of drought, the recycled water supply is unaffected.


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    Recycled Water Brochure

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    Rules and Regulations

    Roseville Municipal Code - see Title 14 Public Utilities


    What is recycled water?

    Is recycled water safe?

    What does the City of Roseville do with recycled water?

    Who uses recycled water?

    Why does the City of Roseville recycle water?

    City of Roseville
    Recycled Water Program:

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