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Program Overview

Recycled water used in city mediansThe City pumps recycled water through a system of purple pipes that are completely separate from the potable (drinking water) pipes.

The City pumps the recycled water to customers like golf courses and parks, where they use it to irrigate their turf and shrubs.

Utilizing recycled water for uses such as landscape irrigation reduces the demand on the potable water system. This creates a more reliable water supply for the entire City. Not only does recycled water use reduce the demand on the potable water system, recycled water is not subject to the effects of drought.

Recycled water is produced from a steady supply of wastewater. Because of this, the City can keep parks and golf courses green and beautiful even during the driest years.

There are financial benefits to using recycled water. The recycled water rate is set at 50% of the potable water rate. In addition to this discount, users do not have to pay a connection fee associated with recycled water. A connection fee is a fee charged to connect to the City’s utility system. These fees can be several thousand dollars.

Currently the City delivers approximately 1,900 acre-ft (619million gallons) to its recycled water customers, the largest being parks and golf courses. Customers irrigate turf and other landscaping with recycled water in the same way they would use potable water. 

Regulations and oversight are in place to insure recycled water is used safely and correctly. As the City grows, so will the use of recycled water. In the future nearly all new developments will use recycled water to irrigate commercial landscaping, including schools, parks, and corridor landscaping.

Recycling water is the most reliable and economical water supply available to maintain the City’s future non-potable water needs. 

As the City grows, so does the need for a reliable water supply. Recycled water is an important component in the City’s water portfolio.

History of Recycled Water in Roseville

  • 1993 – Developed the Recycled Water Master Plan
  • 1996 – Developed and submitted Engineering Report for recycled water to the California Department of Health Services
  • 1997 – Obtained a Master Reclamation Permit from the Regional Water Quality Control Board
  • 1998 – Developed the City Ordinance for the Rules and Regulations for Use of Recycled Water
  • 1998 – The City’s first delivery of recycled water, to Woodcreek Golf Club
  • 2004 – The City delivers 619 million gallons of recycled water to irrigation customers


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