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Solid Waste Utility (Garbage)

Green Waste truck on routeWelcome to the Environmental Utilities Solid Waste Utility

We are dedicated to providing a reliable and efficient collection of solid waste (garbage) for the citizens and businesses in the City of Roseville. We also promote environmentally friendly practices to reduce solid waste by diverting as much recyclable material as possible.

This site contains helpful information on residential and commercial refuse collection, new construction and ways you can recycle.

Please enjoy what this site has to offer and if you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

City of Roseville

Solid Waste Division

(916) 774-5780

I want to learn more about........

My residential refuse service in Roseville.

My business refuse service in Roseville.

How I can reduce the trash my family creates.

How I can reuse more items.

Where I can recycle glass, aluminum, plastic, cardboard and styrofoam.

How recycling happens in Roseville.

Where I can dispose of household batteries, electronic waste, motor oil, sharps, prescription medication and other special waste.

How can I recycle my unused or unwanted paint?


Residential Refuse Collection

Commercial Refuse Collection

Commercial New Construction

Roseville Nonprofit Resources for Materials Reuse




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