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You can sign up for trash and green waste day collection reminders or download a customized pick up schedule using the address search tool below. Your contact information is protected and will only be used to provide solid waste collection service information.


Residential refuse binThe City of Roseville's Solid Waste division provides each residence with a 90-gallon automated refuse can. If you have moved into a home without a refuse can, please call (916) 774-5780 for delivery.

Coming soon: Trash pickup schedule changing January 2015

You might be aware of the upcoming schedule changes for trash and green waste pick up slated for January 5, 2015. Though we try to keep schedule changes to a minimum, it’s an important way we can maintain low rates by reducing fuel costs and increasing efficiency. You can view your new schedule here

Los cambios de recogida de basura y basura verde para el año 2015 ya están disponible.  A partir de 5 de Enero, varias residencias y algunas empresas tendrán días nuevos de recogida de basura y semanas nuevas para basura verde.  Este cambio es necesario para aumentar la eficacia y reducir gastos.  Disponible por el internet, se encuentran los cambios para el año 2015 por el domicilio de bajo de “Resources". Si tiene preguntas, llame (916) 774-5780.

2015 trash and green waste collection schedule - NEW

Rates are set in the Roseville Municipal Code, for specific information, Solid waste rates: Municipal Code Section 9.12.100.

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