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Contact Stormwater

Report Stormwater Violations

If you observe any occurrences of stormwater violations or are unsure of something that you see going down a storm drain, call our Stormwater Hotline at (916) 746-1000 to report it. Your call will be directed to the City of Roseville's Police Department's non-emergency dispatch, where the information will be collected by City staff.

You will be asked for certain information about the incident reported such as the location, the substance description, as well as the current status of the situation. Your call can be made anonymous if requested. Reports of any stormwater-related incidents are welcome and help the City of Roseville to protect its creeks using the public's eyes. Just remember, nothing but rain should go down a storm drain!

Call (916) 746-1000 if you see anything that doesn't look like it should go down the drains.

If you would like additional information about the City's
Stormwater Management Program, contact us at
(916) 774-5751

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