Stormwater Management

What is it?

Every time it rains, water flows down the gutter into the storm drain and out to the creek. That’s stormwater. But, water flowing into our creek doesn’t just come from rain, other discharges called “non-stormwater runoff” come from a variety of places, such as over watering a lawn, hosing down a driveway, and even washing a car.

Often, stormwater and non-stormwater runoff contain pollutants that harm our creeks and streams, and the wildlife that live there. As rainwater and other discharges flow across the ground they pick up harmful contaminants like fertilizers, pesticides and dirt. When the rainwater hits our streets, the water mixes with waste oil, automotive fluids and plant debris. Unlike the wastewater we put down our sinks and toilets, stormwater flows to our waterways untreated.

While many of us are familiar with the problems associated with chemicals like waste oil and paint in our environment, many do not know that things like sediment and yard waste can hurt our streams. Sediment fills in streambeds and disrupts fish spawning. Organic material like grass clippings disturbs the delicate balance of oxygen available to fish in the streams

Stormwater pollution is now considered the most significant source of water pollution in our country. Past water pollution control efforts were directed at industrial sources and good progress has been made to reduce pollution from these sources. Now, residential and business activities impact water quality more than industrial operations.

As land development increases, more area is paved and less rainwater can soak into the ground. This means there are more opportunities for stormwater, and the pollutants it carries, to enter our waterways. Therefore, urban activities create stormwater pollution that must be prevented or minimized.

In compliance with state and federal requirements, the City of Roseville has developed a stormwater management program. Under this program, the City educates and involves the community in stormwater pollution prevention, regulates stormwater run-off from construction sites, investigates non-stormwater discharges and reduces non-stormwater run-off from its own municipal operations.

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