Fats, Oils & Grease

The City of Roseville is working with neighboring cities and wastewater agencies to help educate homeowners on the impact that improperly disposed fats, oils and grease can have on a home's plumbing. This website, along with www.livesewersmart.com has an abundance of tips, information and resources that can help you avoid a sewer back-up in your home and save you a major headache that isn't cheap to clean up.

Some common FOG found in kitchens includes cooking oils, condiments such as salad dressings and sandwich spreads, meat juices and fat. When FOG is poured down drains and garbage disposals, it can cause blockages, which can cause the sewer to back up into your home or business through sinks, drains and toilets. Cleaning and plumbing repairs associated with these back ups can be very costly and disruptive.

Whether you're a business that generates FOG or a resident of Roseville, you're encouraged to do your part to help prevent sewer blockages. Doing so will benefit your home, your pocketbook and your community. In many cases, damage in residences caused by sewer back-ups is not covered by homeowners or renters insurance.  It also minimizes repair work by the city which helps to keep your sewer utility rates low.

The City of Roseville's FOG Program is administered by the Environmental Utilities Department.  This is a requirement of the City's Sewer Master Plan and a condition of state permits held by the city. 

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