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Sewer System Management Plan

Below is the City of Roseville's Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP).  Questions regarding the plan should be directed to Ken Glotzbach at 774-5754 or Chris Bracco at 746-1892.

SSMP Resolution

Master Roseville SSMP Update

SSMP Internal Audit FY10-11

Appendix A, Attachment A 
Appendix A, Attachment B 
Appendix A, Attachment C   

Appendix A-1  

Appendix B-1 
Appendix B-2 
Appendix B-3

Appendix C-1  
Appendix C-2  
Appendix C-3   
Appendix C-4   
Appendix C-5 Flysheet  
Appendix C-5 JPA Agreement   
Appendix C-6 Flysheet 
Appendix C-6 Operations Agreement 
Appendix D-1 
Appendix D-1, Attachment Coversheet   
Appendix D-2  
Appendix D-3 
Appendix D-4 
Appendix D-5 
Appendix D-6   
Appendix D-7  
Appendix D-8  

Appendix E-1

Appendix E-2 

Appendix E-3

Appendix F-1 (1) - SSO Procedures Flowchart  
Appendix F-1 (2)- SSO Emergency Response 
Appendix F-1 (3)- SSO Notification Guide 
Appendix F-1 (4)- SSO Field Report  
Appendix F-1 (5)- SSO Flow Estimation Chart 
Appendix F-1 (5a)- SSO Flow Estimation Pictures  
Appendix F-1 (6)- SSORP Acronyms and Terms  
Appendix F-2 - EUD Required Training Matrix  
Appendix F-3 - EUD Recommended Tailgate  
Appendix F-4 - Final SSO Containment  

Appendix G-1  
Appendix G-2 - City of Roseville FOG Ordinance 
Appendix G-3 - Hot Spot Schedule  
Appendix H-1 - Area Executive Summary  
Appendix H-1 - Final Capacity Assurance SSMP Audit 

Appendix H-2 Flysheet  
Appendix H-2 SPWA Wet Weather Flow Projection  
Appendix H-3 Flysheet 
Appendix H-3 SPWA Trunk Sewer Capacity Analysis  
Appendix H-4 CWEA Presentation 
Appendix H-4 Flysheet  
Appendix H-5 CIP Whole  
Appendix H-5 Flysheet

Appendix I - Benchmarking metrics  
Appendix I-1 Flysheet  
Appendix I-1 SSMP Implementation  
Appendix I-2 Flysheet  
Appendix I-3 
Appendix J-1 - Roseville SSMP Audit Procedure  
Appendix J-2 - Attachment, Audit Form 
Appendix K-1 - Flysheet  
Appendix K-1 - Wastewater Collection Awareness Document  
Appendix K-2 - Flysheet  
Appendix K-2 - PUC WDR   

Appendix K-3 - Flysheet

Appendix K-3 - EU Today, Drugs Down the Drain  
Appendix K-3 - EU Today, Preventing FOG  
Appendix K-4 - Flysheet  
Appendix K-4 - FOG Campaign  
 Appendix K-5 - Flysheet

Appendix K-6 - Sewer Smart Newsletter

Appendix K - FOG Pharm Outreach 2012-13 Budget


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