Groundwater Wells Key to Safe, Reliable Water Supply
The intent of the Water Forum Agreement is to provide a safe and reliable source of water for the region and protect the fisheries and wildlife of the lower American River.
Surface water from the American River is the City’s primary source of water supply.  Because the Sacramento region is located in a semi-arid climate, our area experiences periodic droughts resulting in reduced availability of surface water from the American River.  In 2000 Roseville along with 46 other regional stakeholders signed the Water Forum Agreement.  One of the elements of the Water Forum Agreement focuses on what water supplies may be available for the City in water short years.  Reduced surface water supplies, for any reason, impacts 
the City’s ability to meet customers’ water demands using surface water only.

High-quality groundwater is the planned alternative source of water supply to be used during surface water reductions.  Groundwater is widely used throughout the Sacramento Region.  Groundwater has a variety of uses in Western Placer County - potable drinking water, agricultural irrigation, and rural ranchets. To manage, protect, and sustain regional groundwater resources, the City in partnership with other agencies adopted the Western Placer County Groundwater Management Plan.  Consistent with the Water Forum Agreement, the Western Placer County Groundwater Management Plan allows the City and partners to coordinate with other management entities on activities throughout the region.

Depending on the time of year, more surface water is available to the City than what may be needed to meet customer demands. In 2012, the City started "banking" treated surface water in the ground for use when water is otherwise in short supply. Very common to Southern California, this technology is called “Aquifer Storage Recovery,” or ASR. The program is designed to provide surface water to customers when it would not be available otherwise. The City’s newest groundwater wells will be equipped to inject treated surface water as well as extract the stored water.

To ensure that good-quality water is always available for customers use, the City maintains four groundwater wells to provide a backup water supply. The City is planning to build additional additional wells that increase the City's water supply reliability and meet regional conjunctive use goals identified in the Integrated Regional Water Management Plan.