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Take it from the Tap

Roseville's Take it from the Tap initiative, through public education and outreach seeks to inform and educate about the monetary and health benefits of drinking Roseville's high quality drinking water delivered to your tap.  Modeled after a successful program in the City of Santa Rosa and adopted in many cities across California, Take it from the Tap initiative will formally launch in Roseville in late October 2012.

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Why does drinking tap water make sense?

 It's healthy, refreshing and a good value for you and your family...

Roseville tap water is a good value

Comparing a gallon of Roseville tap water to other liquid commodities says it all - its a great value!  Good for your family's budget and great for the community.

It's a healthy alternative to sugar and chemical-laden drinks...

Potter the OtterThe City of Roseville is partnering with the First 5 Placer Children and Families Commission, through the Rethink Your Drink campaign, to tout the health benefits of tap water in lieu of sugary and chemical-laden drinks. First 5 Placer focuses on good nutrition for children aged 0 to 5 and is working to fight the obesity epidemic affecting children across the nation, even in Placer County. Since 90 percent of brain development occurs in the first 5 years of life, nutrition is a critical factor in a child's development.  Drinking tap water is one aspect of good health in both children and adults.

In partnership with Placer First 5, we will be providing information on why drinking Roseville tap water is a great healthy alternative through the Potter the Otter series of educational material.

It's more than a commodity, we deliver value to your tap...

Servicing a fire hydrant
Your water utility bill pays for more than just water, it also pays for:

-- Ongoing maintenance and investment in infrastructure to keep your water delivery reliable.  Turn on the tap and the water flows.

-- Sophisticated water quality testing and treatment for unmatched water quality that is safe and healthy to drink.
-- Highly trained employees and technical expertise that work hard behind the scenes to keep your service reliable.

-- Reliable water service that keep water flowing to hydrants on demand to protect our community from the threat of fire.
-- Stewardship of the environment, providing reliable water service without compromising Roseville's natural environment and resources.

-- Reliable, high quality water is the bedrock of what makes Roseville such a great place to live and the basis for our vibrant economy.

Its quality is unparalleled...

Rigorous water testing Roseville's proximity to the Sierra Nevada Mountains affords us some of the best water in California.  Exceptional taste, clarity and quality from this mountain-sourced water that cannot be beat.

Tap water undergoes far more rigorous testing for water quality than bottled water.  Roseville's tap water is subject to both state (California Department of Public Health) and federal (US Environmental Protection Agency) drinking water standards; whereas bottled water is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. In Roseville. each year water quality is tested approximately 1,200 times in the water distribution system, in addition to continual automated water quality testing at the water treatment plant, verified by daily manual water quality testing at the plant site.  To access our latest water quality test report, click here.


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