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Commercial Efficiency

large landscapeWelcome to the City of Roseville's water efficiency site for commercial customers. The City offers many programs and rebates to its commercial, industrial and institutional customers in its service area that will help you save water and save money on your utility bill.

The water efficiency team is available to speak about water efficiency related topics. We would be happy to attend organized events to talk about commercial efficiency measures, new technologies and services available.

Water Efficiency offers many free programs and generous rebates for City of Roseville commercial customers.

John Shannon

Water Efficiency Specialist

(916) 774-5768

Bobby Alvarez

EU Outreach & Program Administrator

(916) 746-1710

Download the template or call 774-5761 for printed table tents

Downloadable template for restaurant tables - water upon request
; or call 774-5761 for printed table tents.


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