Exploration Events

Exploration Events
Join us for these fun filled and educational Exploration Events and activities, each showing you how to protect our resources while having fun and saving money. These events offer something for both children and adults, and there is a new theme each at each event.

All our Exploration Events have free activities based around our concepts of energy and water efficiency, watershed protection and waste reduction.

Fix-A-Leak Week - March 15-19, 2016





Leaks can run, but they can’t hide! Join us each day this week to see where those water-wasting leaks hide around your home. Use a dye tablet to follow leaks through your toilet and measure the drips per minute of your shower for easy ways to save gallons of water. Get your hands on a variety of sprinklers to see where up to 60% of your household water use really goes. Don’t be a drip, drop by to help do your part so we can all have a wetter tomorrow!

10am - 5pm