What is a conditional use permit?
A conditional use permit is required when certain land uses need to be reviewed to assure there will be no adverse impact to the surrounding areas. 


For example, a business might want to put an automotive repair shop in a Community Commercial zoning area.  The project would be reviewed and notices sent to surrounding property owners with a time frame for comments.  This process requires a public hearing before the Planning Commission.  


The Application Checklist and Universal Application forms can be downloaded from the City of Roseville website.


Please call the Planning Department at 916-774-5279 for additional information. 


Do I need a permit for a yard/garage sale?

No, if the following standards are met.

A)     Maximum of three (3) sales per calendar year at the same address;

B)     Not to exceed three (3) calendar days per event; and

            C)  Operating during daylight hours only.
Do I need a permit to film in the city?
Yes.  Contact the Communications Office for more information. 
311 Vernon Street

CA 95678
Phone: 916.774.5455
Does Roseville Electric require a deposit on all business accounts?
It is our policy to obtain a deposit from all applicants who have not established credit with the City. New businesses are given a 30 day grace period. After that time, a deposit is required based on 2-1/2 times the amount of the highest bill for the 60 day period. The deposit can be deposited in a CD deposit in the name of the City of Roseville. The deposit is returned to the customer after a period of one year. A letter of credit will be accepted in lieu of a deposit. For more information contact Utility Services at the number below.
Phone: (916) 774-5300
How can I get a grocery cart picked up?
Call the Street Maintenance Division of Public Works at (916) 774-5790. They will have a crew remove the cart.
I am adding equipment and need more power to my business site. How do I get this done?
For assistance in upgrading your electric service, contact the appropriate numbers listed below:

Roseville Electric (916) 79-POWER

  • A representative from Roseville Electric will inspect your electric panel and submit a drawing to the Building Department indicating electric requirements.

City of Roseville Building Department (916) 774-5332

  • Obtain necessary building permits.
  • Following installation of your new panel by your electrician, contact the Building Department to obtain inspection.
I am planning to relocate my business. How can I get my electric service transferred to my new address?
Call City of Roseville Utility Service at the number below.
Phone: (916) 774-5300
What business incentives does the city offer?
The City offers a wide variety of business incentives, and each has different qualifications.

Program: Development Fee Deferral
Department to Contact: Office of Economic Development   916.774.5362
Description: Defers payment of development fees.  There are various programs available that can defer fees short-term (occupancy permit) or long-term (up to 30 years).

Program: Development Fee Estimates
Department to Contact: Office of Economic Development   916.774.5362
Description: Provides an estimate of development fees that will be charged for new construction.

Program: Pre-application Assistance
Department to Contact: Planning Department  916.774.5276 or Community Development Department    916.774.5334
Description: Provides general information on applicable codes, standards and City requirements for new construction projects.

Program: Electric Rebate Programs
Department to Contact: Electric 916.797.6937
Description: Rebate programs for commercial projects that improve energy efficiency or exceed state requirements and energy audits.

Program: Water Audit
Department to Contact: Environmental Utilities   916.774.5761
Description: Reviews water usage and recommends ways to decrease water use.


What city land or property is for sale?
Please contact Laura Conti in Community Development for information regarding City owned property for sale. (916) 774-5284
What conservation incentives does Roseville Electric offer for my business?
Roseville Electric offers rebates for a new construction project or for retrofitting an existing business. Visit the link below for more information.

For more information, email or call the number below.

Phone: (916) 774-5624
What if the sidewalk is cracked or broken in front of my home or business
According to State Law (Streets & Highways Code), maintenance of the sidewalk that abuts private property is the responsibility of the property owner. If the sidewalk is damaged, it is the responsibility of the property owner to repair it, unless the sidewalk has been damaged by roots of an official city street tree (OCST). If you or your contractor plan to repair the sidewalk that abuts your property, contact the Engineering Division of Public Works at (916) 774-5339 to obtain an encroachment permit.
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