The Roseville Fire Department has undergone a thorough and rigorous self assessment and peer review process and was originally accredited in 2005. This important "self audit" analyzes over 200 core and important competencies that are critical to fire protection and emergency service delivery internationally.

National Standards & Best Practices
The City is evaluated against the national standards and internationally recognized best management practices. This process also serves as a building block in the development of the Roseville Fire Department strategic plan and standards of response coverage.

Internationally Accredited agencies must undergo a full self assessment and peer review every five years. The Roseville Fire Department completed this process and we are pleased to announce that the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI) has approved our Reaccredited Agency Status. You can learn more by reading the official press release.
CFAI Accreditation

In addition, annual compliance reports must be filed with the Commission to insure we are maintaining high standards over the intervening five years. To learn more about the Roseville Fire Department's accredited status, click on the links below.

For more information about fire agency accreditation and why it is important to our community, check out the CPSE website.