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NFPA 25 - Inspection, Testing & Maintenance

The California Edition of NFPA 25 has been adopted to CCR Title 19 based on edition of NFPA 25, which took effect on April 1, 2007. This code established the minimum requirements for the periodic inspection, testing and maintenance of water-based fire protection systems, including land-based and marine applications.

It covers sprinkler, standpipe and hose, fixed water spray and foam water. It also covers the water supplies that are part of these systems, such as private fire mains, and appurtenances, fire pumps and water storage tanks, and valves that control system flow.

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Contractors shall use the California State Fire Marshal forms to inspect, test and certify Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems.

To review the full regulations and forms to certify the fire protection systems, please visit the Office of the State Fire Marshal website.