Dedicated to: Vincent Kelley
Address: 911 Highland Pointe Drive | Map
Location: North Central Roseville
Engines/Apparatus: Engine 7, Truck 7

About Station 7

Fire Station 7 is located at 911 Highland Pointe Drive in the North Central portion of the city. The station was dedicated to Assistant Fire Chief Vincent Kelley on August 29, 2007. Station 7’s district consists of a mixture of residential, commercial, and light industrial occupancies. Major thoroughfares such as Highway 65, Roseville Parkway, and Pleasant Grove Boulevard run through the heart of our response area. A large portion of the city’s retail shopping destinations reside in Station 7’s area including the Westfield Galleria Mall and the Fountains Shopping Center.

Station 7 houses Engine 7(E-7) and Truck 7(T-7). The current daily staffing of seven personnel at Station 7 consists of two Captains, three Engineers, and two Firefighter Paramedic.

In addition Station 7 personnel also staff Rescue 7(R-7), the only technical rescue unit in the city. All personnel assigned to Station 7 are trained in technical rescue operations, and must be certified in Rescue Systems, Trench Rescue, and Confined Space Rescue. R-7 is classified at the medium rescue company level through the state agency California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA). R-7 and crew can be called upon to assist with rescue emergencies throughout California caused by earthquakes, floods, and other disasters.